The incident happened when my father suffered deadly heart attack. We had a horrible time. I never had seen my papa crying and on bed helpless. He always had stood so strong and able to take any kind of load. Very strongly he has faced big problems without affecting me or anybody in the family. Finally after some life saving initial care at nearby hospital was taken to Pushpanjali hospital. 
I was asked at least 5 times if father used to smoke.Finally before papa was taken for surgery the senior doctor called me to take authorization and again asked me the same question. Through out the night while I stayed in the sleeping area,  i was crying for all moments,  I did not respected papa. I imagined all my bad habits which must have pained papa mentally. I imagined that if I continue to smoke like this, Garima would cry like this for me one day. That imagination was sufficient to make me resolve to not smoke again. It is now more than a year that I quit smoking and I do not relish that taste and that feeling.

What i can conclude is that Change is Asaan (Easy) however there has to be a compelling reason. Until and unless the mind is convinced in total about the need for change, change cannot be permanent.  
The same happens when people starts on a disciplined diet when doctor has given them the last warning. So it is rather a rule for me that if i want to change anything about myself, I should : Ask to self – Why ! Once the mind is clear of the reason, it will find out solution to bring that change.

Another important thing i realized about myself is that the more you force your mind for anything, the more it comes back. When you make peace with the situation – everything becomes easy..