Over the past 2 weeks, I saw almost like 15 presentations made by project leaders and similar 5 presentations decks facilitated by me. So i thought to share my experience in a concise way. This is the 1st amongst all ideas and for that, I have a wonderful youtube video illustration the key concept.

My takeaways…

1) Simplicity: The ideas need to be presented in the simplest form because the audience has a very short attention span. Just focus on the purpose – what do you want your audience to do after you present – do you want them to recommend something or you want them to understand a complex scenario…what is it ?

The best way to show something simply is through use of analogies or pictures or simple graphs.

2) Clarity: Clarity comes from the idea of presenting things sequentially or in a way it can be consumed efficiently by the audience. Often clarity is an offline aspect that the presenter creates. Animations could be a helpful tool here but a word of caution : It is one of the most  misused tool in power points.