In continuation with the last post on this subject, I thought I should create a list of sins that people committ while making a killer (impact-full) presentation..

1. Not Doing Audience Analysis : One of the most important thing even before you start preparing a presentation is – analyzing who are the audience – Where do they come from (which field of study, expertise, probable interests) ; What is their maturity (in terms of seniority, exposure etc.) and what do they expect ?

2. Unclear agenda : What presenter wants the audience to do after they hear out the presentation. The 1st habit of Highly effective people is ‘Begin with the end in mind’. This is about building effectiveness. Why at all you want to give this presentation. What decision you want the audience to make. The reasons could vary granting financial resources to make life style changes in their life.

3. Not Preparing Enough: There is a limited time frame in which the presenter needs to convey the ideas and for that, he has to be prepared to explain the ideas in the simplest possible way (but be prepared with answers to difficult questions as well). Preparation includes ensuring Correct and accurate details, Planning the story, Thinking possible questions & Preparing infrastructure well.Although you may have presented the same content, the audience every time are different and therefore its important that preparation is done irrespective.

4. Not displaying the energy behind the idea / work being presented: 7-38-55 % Rule of communication by Mehrabian states that : when in-congruent i.e. mismatch between words, tone and body language – Body language becomes 55% important followed by Tone : 38% followed by words : 7%.

5. Standing stationary on your place, not using the hands or using a infra red pointer or reading the slides word by word or using casual words e.g. ‘might-be’, ‘may-be’ or ‘i am not sure’ repeatedly are sure recipe for disaster.

I owe learning from practical demonstration of the best practices in making persuasive presentation by my Boss.