This was kind of a movie full of deep meanings and I must admit that the first time I watched, I really couldn’t get the meaning..the real meaning. I watched it again last Sunday…Here’s are some key dialogues full of learnings’.

1. Everyone tells you – what to do, what’s good for you. They don’t want you to find their own answers, they want you to believe their. I want you to stop gathering information from outside.

2. You are out of your know that? Socs Answer: It has taken a lifetime of practice.

3. Keep out the trash! Trash is anything that is keeping you away from the only thing that matters..this moment, here, Now

4. There is no better, you will never be better & same way you will never be less

5. Habit is the problem – you need to be conscious of your choices and responsible for your actions. 

6. 3 Rules – Paradox, Humour, and Change

Paradox – Life is a mystery, don’t waste time to figure it out
Humor – Keep a sense of humor, especially for yourself
Change – Nothing stays the same

7. The journey – Journey’s bring us happiness, not the destination

8. Get out of the bullshit – that you might not be enough. Make every move about the move.

and 9th