Few days back, I had to present my findings on a leadership concept. I was among the last few participants and while other people were presenting, I felt that mine was much simple. Quickly reflecting, I observed that this is because of 3 principles that I imbibed while we work in Quality and Operations domain and I mentioned those before making the presentation. These are as below:

Focus on the most important things: We have limited bandwidth, our attention span is decreasing and there are just many things to be done. In this context, it becomes crucial that we identify the top tasks (the 20% ones, which will impact the rest 80%).

To improve, start to measure: Most human’s are such that they want a kick (a reason) that will motivate and push them to do something. We must create a measure for all such things that require improvement.

Create a process around the principle you want to implement: Suppose you want to implement planning in your work / personal life. Now this is an abstract concept. You need to put a process for e.g. filling up a diary, sending a confirmation report in morning etc. This will instill a discipline to implement the work.