This is a simple but powerful story I shared with my team today. Some of them are transforming their life by just changing the context while content remains the same for everyone.
This happened one day in a rock quarry, 3 men were doing some work. A passer-by asked the first men what he is doing. The first man irritatingly said: Can’t you see !! I am cutting stones so that I can eat something today.
The passer-by then asked the second person the same question and in return got the answer that “I am cutting stone so that I can take earn some money to take home some items for my family”. 
When he asked the third man – He stood up with pleasure and told the passer-by that “He is building a temple here. He is carefully cutting the stone so that the best stones can be used“.
Same work – same content – but the way people take their work changes the very experience they have from the work they do.
As soon as you realize how your contribution can change the important outcomes for the organization, your experience changes. Each one can take steps to build skills and contribute in larger ways. The way economy, work structure is changing – there will be even more rewards for people who can build skills and transcend boundaries.