This happened today while chatting with few colleagues during lunch break. We were talking about the role of luck, some said – Luck is main and some said – Karma is everything. We talked about the karma – karma that are created through thoughts and beliefs, and that is what this post is about. This is a beautiful story illustrating beliefs..

A old man used to sit near river bank for leisure time. One day he saw a little girl approaching the bank and then walking on the water to get to the other side. The man was amazed..he couldn’t believe what he just saw and thus waited for the girl to return. To his utter amazement, the girl returned in the same way she went earlier…walking on the water with ease.

The man approached this little girl and asked him about what he just saw. He the hell she can walk on water..its not possible ! The girl heard what this man said and replied – Its easy..u just have to do it. Believe and you will be able to do it.

The man thought to give it a try. He was ready. He went to the river bank..rolled up the dhoti and took the first step..and as expected by most of you..he fell straight into the water. He felt insulted..but he wanted to do this..He asked the girl – why He wasn’t able to do it ?

The girl said – you didn’t believed that you would be able to do it..that is why you folded your dhoti.

Belief is mostly an assumed thought or statement. We may not know the reality, that is why we assumed. I believe, I will get this position.
However its also true that if you don’t assume in the first place – you may not be able to do due to lack of courage / conviction.

What to do you say ? Pls. comment below