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A special year 2018

Last year an office friend told me that he devoted some 2-3 days in reviewing what he did in 2017 and what he plans to do ! He told me then that it is a great moment to look back and take a step back. This article is the result of that.

So what changed in 2018 🙂

I stopped setting Goals / Aspirations and started to focus on – how I can break my limitations and become a better human being, improve my value add to the family, organisation and society.

I rather started to focus on my Health – Biking and Yoga for the first time seriously. Could reduce frequency of head aches. Although only 30 days of biking but I seriously liked myself doing it. Recently learned about managing energy and not time..something which i will try to deepen in 2019

Completed an amazing trip to Leh Ladakh. This one was the most amazing trip I have ever done. Mountains are best place to experience !

Got stuck into some problems.. Later on realized that, when there is a difficult situation, we can use that situation to either analyse reasons, compare, crib or Learn new skills. Think every situation as a possibility to grow our capability. Concentrate on doing what is required. Other people will have their own versions..let them have and remain happy.

Enhanced my contributions to the fields of Creativity, Operations Management & Data Visualization. Developed modules..The best way to learn is to teach !

Learned (Started to learn) applying Machine Learning to improve

Started with this blog. Wrote approx 14 articles

Apart from this, read few books, did 3 courses from coursera, saw some great movies and spent time with some of the best people.

Really thank my family, friends, my team, awesome colleagues, great seniors for spending with me quality time and making the year so very awesome !

Learnt in the university of Hard rocks that Time is precious, spend where your effort will help improve someones life. It will never come back again. In nascent stages..Need to implement it in 2019


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