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Learning’s from executing a BCP project

This happened last week, our team started to explore the options of work from home since a lockdown situation was being speculated due to COVID-19 pandemic. We had a unique opportunity to execute a BCP. Though, no one imagined BCP could get triggered come from a virus. Generally we expect an earthquake or other natural disaster will trigger a BCP.

I offered my help to my senior colleague…and there was I, in the thick of things. The project had to be executed in 2-3 days max and we had to enable 900+ people to work from home. In this post, am re-calling some of the memorable observations and take-aways.

#1: Such projects require very passionate and service oriented people. You need to have lot of such people.

#2: People may not be in the core team but they contribute from wherever they are. We saw people sacrificing their assets for others in need. Difficult situations can help identify people with great self-less attitude.

#3: Communication can be very tricky.
“Roko mat, Jaane do”
“Roko, mat Jaane do”

Different placement of comma, changes the meaning. We too had experience of such communication gaps. Such gaps can result in disrupted plans, increased costs, frustration and anxiety.
There is no limits to making communication more precise and frequent.

#4: People following simple & standard procedures is very difficult. They will generally adapt another version. Dedicated people who helps to prune & clean data from a central control room is important.

#5: One simple mistake can lead to unwarranted time spent in reconciliation at last moment. To save such last moment hiccups, reconciliation must be done at each step and very regularly.

#6: Even if you need to say “Sorry” at the moment to satisfy a key stakeholder’s ego and save project flow to get interrupted, you must do it. But ensure that the message is shared later on.

#7: Knowing when to push back and when to take a back seat is essential. All to ensure that project gets completed.



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