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Perceived Performance | Interesting story

Over past few days, i have been reminded by 2 incidences of two concepts that hold an important place in life….

It is one thing you need to carry in yourself whether you have it in you or not. Some days ago a senior asked me if you are good at a particular skill and who do you know is good at this skill and I replied – Yes, i know ‘x’ is very good at this skill. Since x was busy, i got that job to be done and I did it exceedingly well. Now when I look back, I realise it the lack of self-confidence and realization of one’s skills is very much important. Such loose self-confidence can cost you any thing!

Perceived Performance

It is sometimes a touchy topic. The story of this dog is a must read if you would like to understand the term more clearly…
One day at a meat shop a dog walks in and the butcher shoos him away. About 5 minutes later he comes back with $10 and a note saying “2lbs of steak” surprised the butcher reluctantly takes the money and hands him a bag with the meat. As the dog left the butcher closed down the shop and decided to follow it. The dog gets to the bus stop and waits. A few buses pass and the dog ignores them still not eating the meat. Finally bus 923 arrives and the dog pulls a ticket out of its collar, gives it to the driver and hops on. The dog does this for about 3 more buses and the man follows him every time. The dog got off of the last bus and began to walk still not have eaten the meat. Finally the dog walks up to a house and sets the meat down. The dog backs up and charges and slams into the door. He does this about twice. Finally a man opens the door and starts yelling at the dog calling him stupid and retarded. The butcher finds this horrible so he talks to the man and says “STUPID?! This dog went to my shop, paid for meat and took it on a series of buses finding his way back home perfectly. HOW IS HE STUPID??!” The man then replied saying “Yes, that’s all great but he forgot the key the 3rd time this week!”

In order to succeed, one must be able to articulate well and tell the world how his work is important for his boss and how he is a member who he is better than the peers.We are not here to work like laborers who had little or no control over their own fate. We are lucky to be born and working in this era of ‘knowledge’ greatly empowered by the technology and information to be assertive and learn the skills of being assertive for one self.


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